Bird Dogs Afield host Paul Fuller is the gun dog columnist for Northwoods Sporting Journal. The Journal has granted permission to re-print Paul’s articles. Thank you Northwoods Sporting Journal.

Northwoods Sporting Journal



July 2016: Anatomy of A Litter (Part 1 of 2)

Susan breeds Dena, her five year old GSP female.  We discuss the decision to breed, the process of artificial insemination, selecting buyers and how to decide which puppy to keep.

April 2016: Dog Men & Field Trials

Field trials represent the top-shelf of bird dogs.  The Bird Dogs Afield team travels to the Bird Dog and Field Trial Capital of the World...Grand Junction, TN.  This is where you meet the real “dog men” of the pointing dog fraternity. 

March 2016: Woodcock Training

The Bird Dogs Afield team is a great believer in wild bird training.  The spring woodcock migration gives us an outstanding opportunity to expose our dogs to wild birds.  Whether you have an old-time or young pup, don’t miss this training opportunity.